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Improve Operations & Satisfaction

Better Tools • Better Training • Better Data

Our real-time decision management platform simplifies how healthcare organizations operate.

Specifically geared to support healthcare teams & their goals to:

– Define & Drive Patient Value

– Ensure Consistent Operations

– Implement Insights for Improvement.

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Improve Patient Care

Increase Operational Efficiency

Meet Compliance Standards

Take Action to Drive Results.

-Real-Time Recommendations

-Prioritized Rounding

-Service Recovery

-Course Corrections

-Root-Cause Analysis

-Data Analysis Services

-Educational Resources

-On-Going Behavioral Coaching & Training

Handle any situation & enable continuous improvement

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Supporting Healthcare Teams

Clinical Teams

Housekeeping Teams

Food & Nutrition Teams

Augmented Intelligence Technology

Don’t be intimidated. It’s just a fancy way of saying the platform will do most of the thinking for your teams!

AdvoCor uses Augmented Intelligence technology to drive the patient experience by expanding the cognitive abilities of healthcare team members.

Now, in seconds, front line staff can prioritize what to do and when to do it.

It’s that easy.

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Advanced Features to

Solve Opperational Challenges

Provide Immediate Targeted Solutions

Ensure a Seamless User Experience

Real-Time Alerts

AdvoCor solves operational challenges by sending teams recommendations and course corrections in real-time

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Access real-time data to enhance the patient experience and increase operational efficiency.

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Client Testimonials

Engaging the operators provides them the opportunity to share and learn about leading practices from their peers and see the results of their efforts. They better understand the metrics of how to read and comprehend the reports. The sharing of results also fosters a friendly competitive spirit as everyone wants to show positive results.
-Myles Foley, Regional Vice President
We are using it to make decisions around patient menu and programs. Information is reviewed bi-weekly with patient service work group. The other positive is we moved the RDs to strictly clinical, while the Patient Service Supervisors are being trained to visit their customers.
-Eileen O’Donoghue, General Manager
Innovative, agile and extremely responsive, HydraCor and its Service Depot platform is an ideal partner. Their Ambassador approach has helped redefine our strategy and demonstrated the ability to drive patient satisfaction outcomes, differentiating us in the marketplace.
-Alison Saine, Director Patient Insights & Experience, Sodexo Global Healthcare