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Integrated features designed to deliver customized solutions for your organization

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AdvoCor includes ongoing support and training for all users. We make it easy for you to manage the patient experience. Our team of experts provides the following:

  • Pre-install strategy session
  • Continued training and education for all users
  • Data analysis
  • Best practice implementation
  • Custom reports
  • Activity level monitoring
  • Ongoing upgrades

You are ALWAYS supported by our team and your technology is NEVER obsolete.

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AdvoCor Ambassador Approach

Begin with our best practices for scripting and data capture and customize these items to fit your culture.

1. 43 patient visits per day
2. 100% Service Recovery
3. 24 hours or less for Service Recovery Timeline

Daily Operation: Visits will be conducted by Ambassadors
Service Recovery: Response team will conduct Service Recovery
Patient Rounding: Visit new admits as soon as possible

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  • Insights into problem areas in 30 seconds or less

  • Information that fills the gaps in third-party metrics

  • Automated insights turned into immediate action

  • Understand who on your team is performing well and who needs improvement

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Insights In 30 Seconds Or Less

It should never take you more than 30 seconds to understand whether your team is meeting its operational goals, or to extract insights from them. Why was there a major service interruption on the 9th floor on June 7th related to food service? We will identify the time, location and even the staff member leading to such interruption.


Integrated 3rd Party Metrics

Regardless of your survey provider, AdvoCor will allow for the automated input of your key scores so as to provide real time evaluation of activity vs impact, and allow you to ensure that your efforts are applied to the areas of your hospital that will benefit the most.

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